HobbyKing Bixler EPO 1400mm


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Looking for a ready to fly trainer? Looking for an in-expensive FPV platform? Maybe you are a club pilot looking for something you can just pull out of the car and fly on one of those lazy afternoons? The Hobbyking Bixler is all of these things and more! Tested and approved by Josh Bixler for beginners and intermediate pilots no less! The Bixler has all the right ingredients, made from super tough EPO foam, everything is pre-installed so minimal assembly time is required, in fact, by the time you have charged the included battery from the included charger, it should be ready to fly! The combination of good size, low wing loading yet slippery shape make for excellent flight characteristics, and long flight times, yet, due to its plug in wing, the Bixler is very practical, being easily transported, another practical feature is the Bixlers ability to accept a wide range of Lipoly sizes. Full 4 channel control is a must for new pilots as well as experienced pilots and the included 2.4ghz radio, & 6 channel reciever combo is packed with plenty of features, including a range test button for peace of mind, a mix facillity, servo reversing and a trainer port! Whatever you are looking for, the Bixler has it covered, also included is a colour instruction booklet, and finally, as if all that wasnt enough, Josh Bixler will instruct you on how to set up and fly this plane on Youtube.com!




Травень 19, 2013

Ассоциация развития авиации представляет ежегодный фестиваль мастеров авиамодельного спорта «Аэрошок», который пройдет с 31 мая по 9 июня 2013 года на аэродроме "Бородянка" под Киевом.

Joe Nall Week 2013
Травень 9, 2013

After long preparation Triple Tree Aerodrome is now ready to host one of the biggest RC events - Joe Nall 2013. As usual even will start on Mother's day weekend and last for 7 days.

Toledo Show 2013
Квітень 6, 2013

The largest and longest RC expo in North America RC Model Toledo Show 2013 is ...


Історія Авіації

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Грудень 17, 1903
Несмотря на довольно сильный ветер братья Уилбур и Орвилл Райт решили сделать вторую попытку поднять ...
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