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Turnigy 9X Simulator Cable

In order to use your Turnigy 9X transmitter with your favorite simulator you first need to connect it to your computer. The most convenient way to connect is to use special cable which connects transmitter to your computer’s USB port. Please note, that simulator cable is designed for specific simulator program so make sure you order the right one for your simulator.

Turnigy9x Simulator Cable XTR, AeroFly, FMS

You can order USB cable tor Turnigy transmitters and other makes on HobbyKing’s site. There are different options available: you can order cable which works with particular simulator software or one which works with almost all of them:

All-in-one USB Simulator Cable for Turnigy, Futaba, ESky, JR/Spektrum transmitters works with XTR, AeroFly, Phoenix, RealFlight G5, FMS

RealFlight G4.5 compatible USB cable for Turnigy, Futaba, ESky, JR/Spektrum transmitters

XTR, AeroFly  and FMS compatible USB cable for Turnigy, Futaba, ESky, JR/Spektrum transmitters

All these cables include USB device, audio cable and adapter cables to connect to particular transmitter model.

Here is short instruction how to connect Turnigy 9X transmitter:

    1. Plug audio cable into the USB device

    2. Disconnect radio module from Turnigy 9X. This is important! If you leave radio module plugged in, transmitter will not send signals to computer.

    3. Plug in audio cable into trainer port of your Turnigy 9X. If you use transmitter other than Turnigy 9X, connect it with adapter cable for your model.

Turnigy 9X Trainer Port
    4. Plug in USB device into free USB port of your PC.

Once everything is connected Windows should detect new device and install drivers for it. If for some reasons this didn't happen, you may need to install drivers manually. Go to appropriate link above for your cable then click "Files" tab on product page and look for drivers there.

Once drivers are successfully installed, start your favorite simulator software and navigate to transmitter settings to configure correct channels. Follow instructions for your software.


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