6 channel entry level RC system HobbyKing HK6DF 2.4GHz

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6 channel entry level RC system HobbyKing HK6DF 2.4GHz

This is overview of the entry level RC transmitter-receiver system HobbyKing HK6DF 2.4Ghz FHSS 6Ch Tx & Rx. This system has 6 channels, works at 2.4 GHz frequency, and uses FHSS technology to transmit data.

HobbyKing Radio HK6DF Transmitter

Let’s explain why we call it entry level system.
First of all the transmitter is pretty simple, it just has sticks for 4 major channels, switches for channel trimmers and reverse. Also there is a switch to mix ailerons for single wing models. Transmitters of this level usually do not have any other functions, e.g. display, memory for model settings, etc.
Second, such kind of systems is low price. This particular system costs below 30$ (shipping not included). It is recommended to buy such Tx if you are beginner and don’t know for sure whether RC airplane modeling is your hobby. Also it is recommended to use such systems only on simple, non expensive custom built or RTF models because these Tx are not as precise as more expensive systems.

So my order in HobbyKing consisted of:
- Transmitter and receiver system HobbyKing HK6DF 2.4Ghz FHSS 6Ch Tx & Rx (Mode 2)
- Additional receiver HobbyKing HK6DF 6 Channel 2.4ghz Receiver
- Cable to connect transmitter to PC Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx USB Cable (however as appeared lately this Tx cannot be connected using S-Video to USB cable)

HobbyKing Radio System HK6DF package

I received package pretty quick. Order was packaged into foam box. Additionally HobbyKing put a Turnigy sticker into box. Package included simple user manual printed on the piece of paper. On first page it shows scheme of the transmitter which describes all the controls. Second page has instruction how to bind transmitter and receiver. 

HobbyKing Radio System HK6DF 2.4 Ghz

Quality of the transmitters looks good. However I noticed that reverse and mix switches are inside the transmitter and you cannot turn on/off with finger easily. Most likely this is manufacturing defect and I need to fix it by myself.

HobbyKing Radio HK6DF Transmitter & Manual

Okay, back to system specification. System has sticks for 4 main channels – throttle, elevator, rudder, ailerons, and 2 additional channels switches which can be used to control wheels or something else. There are 4 switches for main channels trimmers. Below the sticks there are switches for channel reverse and elevon mix and the button to bind the receiver. Here is instruction to bind the transmitter and receiver:

1.    Connect a bind plug to the receiver
2.    Switch on the power to the receiver, the green receiver LED will now flash
3.    Now pick up the transmitter, before you switch it on, please ensure that the throttle is in the lowest position and all the trims are in the middle position
4.    Holding the bind switch in the up position now switch on the transmitter
5.    The transmitter greed LED will start flashing and the receiver LED will have gon off
6.    Release the bind switch on the transmitter
7.    Remove  the bind plug on the receiver, the green LED will now illuminate on the receiver and will now be bound to the transmitter
8.    Finally confirm that you have full control over all surfaces and controls

HobbyKing Radio HK6DF Reciever


This system is very similar to another one from HobbyKing:

Hobby King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2

The difference is that you need to connect the latter to the PC to switch reverse or turn on elevon mix. But the advantage is that you can use the latter system with your favorite RC simulator using the standard cable.
It is possible to connect HK6DF system to the PC using custom made audio cable. Look over the internet for the details.

Some comments about usage

Think about batteries you would like to use with this transmitter. You will need 8 AA batteries or NiMh rechargeable batteries. It is also possible to use LiPo battery but it can be risky and you need to make some modifications to be able to plug it in.

HobbyKing Radio HK6DF Tx Batteries


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