Save buying in online store. 5 ways to get a discount.

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Save buying in online store. 5 ways to get a discount. is very popular China–based online store with variety of available RC products such as RC airplanes, RC helicopters, spare parts, other RC electronics and all this stuff is usually available at affordable prices.

If you are airplane or helicopter modeler and building your own aircraft models or using pre-built ones, you are probably buying a lot of stuff at HobbyKing and probably want to pay less. Fortunately store allows to get some discounts for almost all products available on the site. I will describe 5 simple ways to get a discount.

1. Flash Sale
This is most simple and obvious way to save. On the main page there is a list of products available at special prices. This list can change often as products are available at these discount prices limited amount of time. So be quick if you found needed product in this list. To buy it, click on product name, and add to the cart.
On the main page there is also button “View All” which navigates you to the same list of discount products but with some additional information. For example, you can see how much time product is available with this price and what is actual discount percent which can very from 2 to 15%.
Please note that some of the products are available only in particular warehouse and if you are located not in it’s region, you will not be able to order it.

HobbyKing Flash Sale


2. Combine essential items and save

HobbyKing combine items and save

The second option is to combine few related items and purchase all of them with some discount. For example, if you are buying brushless motor, you probably also needs an esc and battery, servos etc. HobbyKing allows saving if you are purchasing additional items together with some product. To see whether there is combos available, navigate to the product page. On some product pages below the config table you will be able to see section “Combine essential products and save” and below it table with list of related combo items. Combine section has buttons clicking on which you can change category for items you are looking for. And in combo table you see all the related products with discount prices. To get a discount you need to add main product to the cart first and then click “Buy now” button in front of products in combo section.

3. One time only offer
This approach is a bit trickier one. It is important to be logged out of the site to get a discount. Find a needed product and leave page open for a few minutes. After some time in the right bottom corner pop up window should appear. If there is a discount available for this product, you will see a message “One time only offer” with discounted price. From popup window click button “Add to cart” to get discount. Then login with your credentials and proceed with check out.

HobbyKing one time offer

4. Discount Code
As many other online stores, HobbyKing has discount codes which they share through announcement emails, social networks: Facebook, Twitter etc. Using discount code you can get discount for any order, no matter what you buy. To get a discount enter valid discount code on check out page.

HobbyKing Discount code

5. BuddyPrice Code
Another way to save is to use BuddyPrice codes from other people. First, what is BuddyPrice code? When you buy something at HobbyKing, for each item in your order you receive a link which you can share with others to allow them to buy the same item with some discount. If someone purchase an item with your BuddyPrice link, you will receive additional bonuses. Note that discount link works only 14 days after purchase. Links for items you purchased can be found under Orders section after login. Select your order and click icon in front of needed item.

HobbyKing BuddyPrice code
Additionally there are sites where you can post your links in order to share them with other people.

RC Search

Also on these sites you can find links for products you want to purchase and get a discount. The only limitation is that order can contain only few items added to cart via BuddyPrice links.

Beyond ways described above, there is also possibility to accumulate bonus points. Every point equals to 1$. Your points can be used to pay for you order. To do that, select corresponding option on check out page.

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