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Propeller Balancing

One of the most important things is to use balance propeller in your model. You may ask why?
Prop balance stand
In all aircraft models propeller is component which converts rotational motion into thrust which is required to fly! So propeller which is not properly balanced will directly impact performance of your aircraft model. Poorly balanced prop will create vibrations and may result in unexpected crash of your aircraft. And this is very important for helicopters and multi-rotors as propellers make them fly...

Guys from FliteTest posted quick tip video how to balance your propeller with piece of tape and hot glue. Watch the prop balancing video on Youtube.

As shown in the video to balance the prop you need additional tool called propeller balance stand. You can build prop balancer on your own or order balance stand in hobby stores. Here are some balance stands available in HobbyKing store:

You can also consider low cost version of balancer which is just shaft for your prop:

The precision of such simple balancer is not so good as ones with magnetic shafts. But it can be used even in the field for quick balancing.

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