Turnigy 9xr Released

Turnigy 9XR Released!

Turnigy9xr Transmitter

This is the revolution in radio system world - powerful modern radio for the unbeatable price of $49.99!

New radio is on stock (oh sorry, actually out of stock :) at hobbyking.com

Turnigy 9XS Radio Mode 1 No Module

Turnigy 9XS Radio Mode 2 No Module

Turnigy9xr Transmitter

Turnigy 9XR Standard Features:
• 8 Channel PPM/9 Channel PCM
• Full Ball Bearing gimbals
• Adjustable Stick Length
• Digital Trims on all Primary Axis
• 16 Model Memory
• Assignable Switches
• Freely Assignable Channel Mixes
• Graphical Dual Rate and Exponential
• Sub Trim and Travel Adjust
• Flaps and Differential
• Throttle Hold
• Supports Heli/ Aero/ Glider Model Types
• Programming Templates Based on Model Type
• Supports M1, M2, M3, M4 stick modes
• 128 x 64 backlit Liquid Crystal Display
• Built in JR & Futaba Trainer Ports
• PPM & PCM Output
• JR Form Factor RF Modules (Orx Dsm2, Orx Open LRS 433Mhz etc)
• Programmable Timers
• Low Voltage Warning and Buzzer
• Supports 3s Lipo (Required)
• 9XR Firmware Pre-loaded
• AVR ISP Interface
• Internal 2.4GHz Antenna


Turnigy9xr Transmitter

This radio also has its official website turnigy9xr.com

Check out a video preview of the new radio on Youtube

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Май 19, 2013

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Май 9, 2013

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