f-95 morning hawk

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that's world's most fastest aircraft description: battery:rechargeable 175 Mah-3.7 V Lipo-Battery speed:145 KMH weight:372 KG overall height:8ft 11 in overall lenght:27ft 2 in with afterburner & 1980000KV brushless- motor with wall-mounted 40 inch led tv,15000 Mah powerbank,189 DB megaphone,wifi,bluetooth device,mp3,mp4,toilet,kitchen,studyroom,livingroom,ATM machine,hotel,beacon,5 star reataurant,GPS & walmart wing: span(overall):30ft 3in area:175 sq ft general/engine description: fuel capacity:83 gal max load:380 KG engine:IO-360-L2A engine induction air filter full flow oil filter engine exhaust muffler dynafocal rear mount elctrical power: Alternator, 28 Volt, 60 Amp Battery, 24 volt, 8.0 AH (1 hr rate), Manifold Type Standby Battery, 24 volt, 6.2 AH (1 hr rate), Sealed Type Standby Battery Controller Electrical Circuit Panel Alternator/Battery Master Switch Split Avionics Master Switch Circuit Breakers, Electrical Switches, Electrical Electrical J-Box Alternator Control Unit Ground Service Receptacle Battery Current Sensor Starter Relay Alternator Relay Battery Relay Ground Power Relay Bus Circuit Protection Cabin Power Jack - 12 Volt, 10 Amp Other:with Iphone,Samsung,Lenovo phone charger




May 19, 2013

Ассоциация развития авиации представляет ежегодный фестиваль мастеров авиамодельного спорта «Аэрошок», который пройдет с 31 мая по 9 июня 2013 года на аэродроме "Бородянка" под Киевом.

Joe Nall Week 2013
May 9, 2013

After long preparation Triple Tree Aerodrome is now ready to host one of the biggest RC events - Joe Nall 2013. As usual even will start on Mother's day weekend and last for 7 days.

Toledo Show 2013
April 6, 2013

The largest and longest RC expo in North America RC Model Toledo Show 2013 is ...


Aviation History

The French army first used the aerostat in warfare
June 26, 1784
The French army first used the aerostat in warfare
Secret flight of Lockheed F-117
June 18, 1981
In the Nevada desert Lockheed F-117 made a secret flight.
The first airship crash
June 14, 1897
Two people were killed while flying an airship. The cause of the accident was a ...